NTCCA Campground Pavillion

Racing against the weather

With the weather already getting colder in Missouri, the brethren are racing to get the foundation for the new Pavillion laid before the freeze. As of Thursday 10 November, the foundation is ready for concrete, which is scheduled for Friday. Rev. J. L. Johnson, General Overseer, flew to Missouri with plans in hand, (courtesy of Elliot Gesang our on-staff General Contractor) and brethren came in from various places to assist Rev. Johnson and Rev. Smart (Camp Curator) in the work. Its location is right across from the Dining Facility. Simply walk out of the Dining Hall with your food, up a few steps and 'voila' you are THERE!

The race is on to get the foundation in, so that the Pavillion will be ready for use during the April Conference. The portion that will be under the metal roof is 50' x 50', with a central firepit for barbequeing or just ambience. Other amenities will be some short walls for seating, electricity for those who wish to setup musical instruments, or coffee pots, whatever. It will be a place where you can hang out for late night fellowship, singing and of course, eating. There will also be a serving bar with a sink and running water for food preparation.

On the other side of the Pavillion will be areas designated for funtime activities, such as volleyball (with a permanently installed net and sand), frisbee, etc. Yes, we'll still have church and prayer meetings too. Bring your stuff, your football, your BBQ, your camera or your guitar, (yes, even your banjo) and let's have a blast! Don't forget, you can come in early if you like.