Good News for Trumpet Subscribers

NTCC Websites About to Explode!

NTCC's monthly magazine, TheTrumpet, was first published in April 1983 as a simple two-page newsletter to keep NTCC members informed and to share good reports. This simplistic publication was created using very primitive means and corner-stapled. It was a blessing in its time, but was only meant to be a Newsletter. For a time it was unpublished, but then the Newsletter idea was revived and, as a result, we have enjoyed The Trumpet for many years and watched it get better. It isn't coming to an end, it's really just beginning.

After the recent Conference and board meetings, the plan was clear; The Trumpet would be discontinued after the December 2011 issue; it would then be published online and integrated with the existing NTCC Good News website ( Things have now evolved into something even greater than we ever imagined! Let me explain.

Part of the decision was based on the fact that it cost appx. $3.00 per magazine to publish. That would be $36.00 per year for a subscription, just to break even. That's right; it cost money, it never made money for the Printshop. The same is true of pamphlets and door hangers for churches. The only thing that doesn't run in the red is the business cards. As always, proceeds were to go to the Printshop, but there weren't any. There are many man-hours involved to produce the magazine, and we weren't really publishing much news or relevant articles in the magazine. Putting out the same information by email Newsletter will give us much more flexibility, save enormous amounts of overhead costs and labor and really gets the content to you faster.

For the Trumpet magazine alone, it takes two men about a month (a stressful month) collecting the material, proofreading, situating the columns, formatting, etc.; add to that trimming each magazine, doing the mailing paperwork, separating them all by zip code, bagging separately just like the Post Office demands, and taking it in for bulk mailing, which means waiting in line for an hour, plus the time to go through it with them. Pay them for the mailing, then go back and do the email part, and the first class mailings overseas,..sigh.

So we're totally reworking everything, to give you MUCH MORE for NO COST to you, in addition to offering new products available in smaller quantities and bulk discounts, plus a fully functional new Online myPrintshop Store, where you can browse products, create your own products from templates, add them to your cart and checkout /pay so your order goes right to production. 8-)

A year ago we embarked on a journey into the 21st century, by changing the entire structure of both NTCCA and NTCS, which now enjoy state-of-the-art Online Admissions and Administrative systems with many new features. This moved accounting from Quickbooks for small businesses to an online-hosted, Oracle-based system with much more capability than ever. The Admissions portion however, focuses primarily on the Seminary.

Seminary Teachers post class assignments and grades to their online grade books, distribute files and class materials, and receive written assignments from the students, in an online drop box with just a few clicks. Students login to access their classes, transcripts, assignments, download outlines and files, view class schedules, trimester breaks and announcements, to name just a few. All this, is already in place and being used.

Over the next few months however, the websites are going to explode with even more new features!

*Overhaul of the NTCCA and NTCS website design, and integration with database directories with customized access for ministers, choir members, etc.

*A new website for every church, created, uploaded and maintained by each Pastor

*Online registration and payment for Campmeetings, special events, etc


(Click the Magazine to read the first issue; note: Pastor Kinson not P.A. Kinson)

*Online Minister's License renewal

*Online subscriptions available to various Email Newsletters

*A monthly Trumpet Email Newsletter loaded with extras, links, resources and of course, news and updates about NTCCA and NTCS; featured articles and contributions from people you know, and searchable archives of past issues over two decades

*An NTCS Newsletter with NTCS Campus news, and contributions by students and alumni.

*Fund raising Newsletters for special projects

*A World Missions Newsletter with contributions from missionaries and online donation, pledge and payment capability. You can login, track your giving, check your pledge balance and print your own receipts.

*Secure logins for ministers to upload their own websites, update their address and phone information. This direct feeds databases and directories available in optional ways (like mobile phones, etc.)

*Online Admissions for potential NTCS students to apply to the college, receive information, maps, contact info., prerequisites, be notified of acceptance and more!

*Online Virtual tours of the NTCS Campus

*Online Virtual tours of the Campground

*Online payment processing including credit cards, paypal, or auto-deduction.

I have been working toward this goal for many years, and it's a blessing to see it coming to pass. I'm thankful for my Team mates who have been great resources for ideas and development, and have stood by my side through all the pioneering involved. My prayer and earnest desire is, that it will free me to do many other things, including traveling to churches, fellowship meetings, etc. One beautiful thing about the new setup is, we don't have to worry about backups, security, an IT man on staff, etc., because the Content Management System (CMS) will allow the Office Personnel to upload the content using a "Wizard" type approach. Not to mention, you won't have to wait on many things that you will be able to do yourself. Truly, God is good!

In His service,
Mike Kekel